PiBoy Build Log 2. Arduino Pro Micro GamePad, Battery post

After getting the basics done on the Pro Micro, time to build it up into a gamepad and get this thing running off of a battery!

So first step was to start putting down buttons on the protoboard, I got this stuff super cheap on ebay and it's just the right size to sit on either side of the GBA shell I'm using.

no lame diagram this time, just the same as before, one pin of each button to ground, and the other to it's own pin on the 'duino. I'm pretty crap at soldering and didn't really plan it out well, so it's not perfect and I had to bond the cables with glue to stop them wiggling around so much - but it works!

Here it is hooked up with the piTFT!


So last time I tried this project, I tore down a spare battery bank (from like 2010) and used that as the power source, it worked great until I fried it. This time I bought some TC4056 chips from ebay and a 5000mAh Anker PowerCore. I would NOT recommend using the PowerCore as it was a complete pain to tear down, mostly due to ankers amazing build quality.

The basic process is as follows:


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