Project Armoire post

Project Armoire

Who knows what's inside?

I wanted to try and build something cool in flutter, as I've really enjoyed my limited experiences with it. I also perpertually recreate the same things over and over again, so here we go again....

Another 2D RPG!

...Sort of

The goal here is really to build an easy copy/paste, noob friendly gamedev experience. I want to be able to drop in levels, scripts, etc without having to any 'relevant' code-changes.

Putting it into action

I started by googling 'flutter 2d game engine' and digging through the results, this highly creative process was proven when I came across 'Flame 2D', an excellent 2D game engine, and subsequently 'Bonfire-Engine', an RPG Maker type engine built with Flame 2D.

I started by downloading one of the functioning samples, and switching to flutter dev. With just some teething issues to resolve, I managed to get all of my primary flutter platforms (apk, ios, windows, web) building on my home PC. This was a good sign.

After this I spent some time digging into the demo project, re-arranging, re-naming and hacking away trying to learn how it all works. Pretty quickly I had a pretty nice concept going - so I decided it was time to commit (...put it under source control).

The Big Setup

This is a breakdown of how it all (currently) comes together:

  • Flutter is a language that can be built to multiple platforms
    • You write the code once, you run it on your phone, your pc, your tv, great!
  • Bonfire uses a very standard set of tools for building a game
    • 'Tiled'to build it's levels/maps, a great editor with layers, objects, scripts
    • Standard 2D Spritesheet formats
  • GitHub Workflow for builds/releases
    • Prepares a new GitHub release
    • Builds out Flutter Web project as GitHub Page
    • Builds Android APK and attaches to release
    • Builds Windows EXE and attaches to release

The Payoff

This is just the beginning of something great, or alternatively I abandon it; find out below! of web and game

Thanks :)

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